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The CAS Common Tower and Integrated Staircase System was designed primarily for the needs and demand of a modern-day high-rise construction market. Due to its modular design it can be used for various applications in different markets – see below to find out more.


Our Markets

Common Tower4


A construction team working on a high-rise tower in a restricted city location will require the most effective access system available for getting personnel and materials to the workface. A CAS Common Tower System together with a range of mid and high-speed hoists is designed and installed to provide the optimum access solution.

Centre Point1


Some high-rise building are completely refurbished to bring them in line with the latest environmental and energy standards to provide a modern up-to date look. An example of this is the Centrepoint Tower refurbishment in London. A CAS Common Tower system and mid-speed hoisting provide by Alimak Group provided the best solution on a very tight site in one of the busiest areas in central London.

One Blackfriars5

Loading Docks

The modular design of the CAS Common Tower system lends itself for use as a loading dock. Materials can be loaded directly from a lorry trailer onto the loading dock or storage area. Loads of 5kN per square metre can be applied to the loading dock deck.

Ship Access Tower

Ports and Shipyards

CAS have developed a Ship Access Tower for use in ports and shipyards for the use in a dry dock. The Tower utilises the modular CAS Common Tower System and includes an internal staircase and an Alimak hoist that is located on a base within the Common Tower structure. The whole structure can be lifted as one and moved into position.

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