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Construction & Passenger Hoists

Construction Access Systems Product

Construction Access Systems are able to provide a complete access solution for the specification, supply, installation and maintenance of Alimak Construction hoists for both hire or sales. We can also supply Passenger/Material hoists, used to lift men and materials vertically to a number of landings. Hoists are available in standard, medium and high speed configurations, different payloads and car sizes. 


Construction & Passenger Hoist

Alimak Group Product

Alimak Group has a global network of own sales offices and distributors, in over 100 countries. The global organisation puts Alimak Group close to the customers, ensuring good knowledge of their business, long-term relationships and high service quality. For over 70 years, Alimak has pioneered the vertical access industry delivering far-reaching vertical access solutions designed to meet the specific needs of a range of industries.

Designed to enhance efficiency. Alimak have installed 23,000 vertical access solutions to a variety of industries worldwide.

Built on Alimak’s pioneering rack and pinion traction technologies, the range of vertical access products provides practical and reliable access to work sites across an array of industries to ensure continuous flow of operations for enhanced productivity.

Utilising a range of intelligent features and robust modular designs, Alimak’s construction hoists enhance safety and provide an efficient and reliable means of vertical transport across construction sites.

The safety features of Alimak’s solutions include safety devices designed to sense overloading, relays for phase faults, car frames and machinery plates with safety hooks, electrical and mechanical systems for interlocking doors, top and bottom landing automatic stops, as well as buffer springs located below the bottom landing.

Alimak is a global leader and pioneer in the design and manufacture of vertical access solutions for industrial and construction industries.

Karla Tower, Gothenburg, Sweden
One Sydney Harbour Towers, Australia
One Nine Elms, Vauxhall, London
Construction & Passenger Hoist

Installed Construction & Passenger Hoists

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